Jessie of KITH came into our space for a lunch and learn and completely changed the conversation for our brand in the best way possible. Since Jessie's visit we are trying our best to make sure that our product (purple shoes for boys), campaigns (gender neutral casting) and conversation is more inclusive and gender neutral than before. We have always taken pride in being an inclusive brand but realized through KITH that we were not as gender neutral as we hoped. It took them coming in to really open our eyes on all the possibility and progress we could make as a company and brand.  Jessie we love your spirit, wit, vulnerability and hard work to create a safe space for everyone. Thank you!

-Behmann Gustavsp, Community and Events Manager at Native Shoes

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Jessie's effortless way of being themselves combined with their commitment with furthering conversations that matter made it an easy decision to have Jessie as a presenter at DisruptHR YVR. In front of over 400 people, Jessie was able to make people think, laugh, and walk away with tangible ways to advance equity in their workplace - no easy task. We loved working with them, and hope this is just the beginning!

-Matt & Steph Corker, Founders at The Corker Company

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You don't know what you don't know, making it hard at times for business owners to notice their blind spots. KITH's approach is one rooted in respect, courage and kindness. They get to know your needs and then work with you to create an experience that will educate and empower. 

KITH taught me such valuable lessons that have allowed me to grow as a human but also to grow as a business. I didn't realize I was not creating a safe space for everyone to be seen and heard. Easy, simple shifts in my language and approach allows me to feel more aligned with everyone. It can be uncomfortable acknowledging your weaknesses and blindspots, but Jessie makes the process incredible. I can honestly say I am a better person since working with Jessie and think every business or person should have the honour of working alongside or with them.

-Ashley Brodeur, Founder at Feelosophy Yoga 

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We were looking for a 90 minute workshop to present to all our employees around inclusivity and belonging in the workplace. We were introduced to Jessie from a referral in our network. Jessie was easy to work with and took the time to listen and create a workshop that was specific to our group. Jessie helped us kick start a very important conversation in the workplace. They were able to share personal stories, educate us on terminology and create a safe place for people to ask questions. The buzz in the office after the workshop was really encouraging to see. People were comfortable to further the conversation in a really supportive way. That was awesome!

-Natania Mathany, Head of People & Culture at A Thinking Ape Entertainment Ltd.


Working with Jessie was an absolute pleasure. I invited them to engage my team of personal trainers, management and front desk staff in redefining our inclusive policies and to better understand how to make our space more accessible. Jessie's easy going and articulate disposition made it easy to explore topics of gender identity, binary & non binary language, and used methods like role play for us to practice gender neutral speech. I would absolutely recommend Jessie to anyone who owns a business and is passionate about creating a better inclusive environment for their staff and clients alike.

-Keighty Gallagher, Founder at Tight Club

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KITH+common brought invaluable conversations to our space. Jessie’s openness and confidence in being vulnerable drew all attention and focus from the participants, which made for easy group participation. They were professional and engaging with previously uncomfortable subjects, thus giving participants the tools to have open conversations in the workplace about diversity and inclusion. Our members’ feedback was unanimous where everyone left feeling elated to bring the conversation forward to their own environments.

-Gracia Lam, Communications Manager at Good Gorilla Coworking Space

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