Diversity + Inclusion: Organizational Insights and Tools for a More Inclusive Workplace
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Diversity + Inclusion: Organizational Insights and Tools for a More Inclusive Workplace

Hey! I'm Jessie,

My pronouns are they/them and I identify as gender fluid.

I am in the work of bringing important conversation to the table and creating space for all people to come as they are. 

Because when I show up to your office and you only have a men’s washroom or a women’s washroom, I don’t feel seen.

When I am required to fill out a form that only offers two gender options, I don’t feel valued. 

When I engage with you, your staff, and your product or service and my correct pronouns are not used, I don’t feel heard.   

And what I know for sure is that I am not alone in these everyday lived experiences. 

I'm not here to make anyone wrong for how things have been, I am here to create space for all people to feel safe to come as they are, and that means sharing the human experience in all of its forms. 

KITH is passionate about the inclusion conversation because without inclusion the diversity we all bring cannot flourish. 

This workshop brings this conversation to the table in a different way. 

KITH thrives on curious conversation, sharing vulnerably, meeting people where they are in the conversation and celebrating the human experience through fun and connection. 

Through my lived experience as a person who exists outside of the gender binary I create a space for you to get into the real, big, curious conversations, we connect with others in the room to share insights and encourage thought share, and you will leave with simple, concrete takeaways for you to bring to and share with your teams and organizations. 

Join the dialogue, get curious, and experience the D+I conversation in a new way.

Welcome to our KITH.

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