Our consulting services focus on creating a partnership with you in support of your organization’s business objectives through a host of resources. 

Whether you are in need of policy revision or implementation, inclusive leadership enrolment, growing your customer and client base, or ongoing and accessible inclusion support and advice, KITH is here to create a partnership with you from a lens of inclusion.   



Inclusion efforts that drive the diversity that exists in your organization are no longer optional to your long term success. 

KITH supports in understanding and engaging with your company culture, business objectives and organizational strategies to develop diversity and inclusion content that is aligned to you. 

From here we create custom content focused on diversity and inclusion drivers that support your business, and help to implement this work into your companies culture through training practices, employee enrolment and cultural integration.



Group facilitations are a powerful way to engage teams, groups and departments in productive conversation for team building, training and development, retreats and offsites, as well as staff meetings and leadership development. 

Our facilitations are designed to create conversation, spark ideas and offer a safe space for all people to share opinions and get curious. We focus our facilitation efforts on creating an environment that helps to reach an end goal through collective effort. 

KITH believes that facilitations can be fun, engaging and lead to incredible results for you, your people and the communities you reach.