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KITH+common was born from and inspired by its essential purpose; to create space for others to be as they are, without shame.

KITH is a pillar for all things community specializing in business development strategies and community engagement approaches, all from an overarching lens of diversity and inclusion planning and integration.

KITH offers inclusion consulting, customized content and training creation, and group facilitations. We will work with you and your organization to bring inclusive practices and insights to your internal culture in order to help create space for the diversity that exists to grow, flourish and impact change for both your organization and the communities you reach. 

We believe in creating space for all people to come as they are.

KITH is in the work of inclusion to create space for all people to express their diversity and find power in sharing their unique lived experience.



Hi Iā€™m Jessie, founder of KITH+common and a deep believer in the power of connection.

My lived experience as a person who identifies as gender fluid has provided me a platform to bring important conversations to my community that impact insight, growth, inclusivity, empathy, and ultimately space for all people to come as they are.

I believe that all people deserve to be seen, valued and heard in their fullest expression. In order to create space for people to come as they are we need to be curious, explore the human experience in all of its forms and create safe and open spaces through conversation  and connection.

KITH is the family you choose, and this house is built of KITH.

Welcome to our KITH,


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